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Scooting our way to Love

Memories are created by various experiences. To trigger these memories, we often identify them to locations and things. For me, scooters brought me back to the start of my relationship. The days where we were young, naïve and so in love. Although many others would relate that as being reckless and fearless, I consider myself to be an exception. I was afraid of everything. From going into any body of water to climbing up trees, I would avoid those activities as much as possible. One of the things that petrified me was riding a scooter. Maybe it was because of a scooter accident during my childhood, maybe it was because of the fear of getting into one. Either way, it had always been the object of evasion for me.

On the other hand, my partner was smitten by their slick and fancy designs and the need for speed. From browsing scooter based forums online to joining various interests’ group, he was simply obsessed. He was all set into purchasing his own scooter but two big hurdles were in his way. Firstly, was the steep price of a quality scooter and next, was his paranoid girlfriend.

One day, as we were once again bickering about the same old topic, we spotted a fleet of scooters out of the corner of our eyes. After much investigation, we realised it was the scooter renting service. As expected, the child in him yelped for joy as he begged me to try it out. I simply could not resist those adorable eyes and his wide foolish smile. Thus, I buckled.

We hopped on a scooter and rode towards the Marina Bay area. What started out as a dreadful trip turned out to be a lot more exciting than I expected. Before we knew it, we were dominating the pathways of Gardens by the Bay. I was still able to remember the adrenaline rush as I swiftly avoid the bumps on the roads while the wind ran through my hair. It was an incredible experienced. At the end of the trip, we parked our scooters before strolling back home. Since then, the activities of our dates have expanded its scope – an experience that I would never forget.


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