Play with the waves is a short essay written and shared by Vanessa Enfectana to The Ugly Writers under the theme Stuck!


Play with the waves


“Play with the wave but never let them drown you” this is my life quote.

I believe that life is a huge ocean.

It’s not always calm.

As a sailor, you should expect waves and storms along the way.

Cause life is an endless sailing in a huge ocean.

You don’t know where it will take you or what it can give you.

But one thing is for sure,

life can be beautiful if you choose to see its good side.




Go on and be happy in life. Play with the waves. Play with the obstacles. Play with your problem.

They’re not permanent. But it could be fun to think that you actually surpass them.

Go with the flow and do not let the waves take you down or drown you.

Whatever happens, swim. You’ll be alright!

The storm will be over soon.


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