Life is a short essay written and shared by Vanessa Enfectana for The Ugly Writers under the theme Stuck for the month of February.




One of our biggest misconceptions in life is that “Life gives you a reason to give up. It keeps throwing you shit that will make you surrender“. Life is indeed the other way around. Life gives you a reason every day to fight and grow as an individual. Life gives you things that you need for you to learn and become a stronger person. Failed an exam? Life teaches you the importance of striving harder. That no matter how many times you fail, you should stand, study more and aim higher. It would want to teach you the importance of focusing on and putting priority. Gotten your heartbroken? Life would want you to wake up and learn that not all people are meant to stay. Life would want you to know that there are people who can hurt you that way and you have to be careful. Learn from your heartbreak. What went wrong? Learn from it. Grow from it. As I had my own breakup, I’ve learned a huge lesson in life. That happiness should not depend on a man nor to anyone. It should be from deep within. Your happiness should be yourself. By seeing yourself growing every day. Treasure those things, events and people who brought you down. Life gave them to encourage you to be better and help you grew taller than you could ever imagine.


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