Mirrored Tones is a poem written and shared by Pasithea Chan to The Ugly Writers for the month of March 2020.


Mirrored Tones



Must we always have the need to compare
to you and we to they everyday? Such a
Reality starves reflection with vanity to
Riddle nature with social dribble
Oddly riling personal conviction to
Rivet clarity with superficial affability!
Everything is calculated and to be exact
Dictated and regurgitated to keep us frustrated.

Taste is a matter of trust in one’s
Own self not others’ opinion.
Not all forms follow the norms.
Everywhere you look nature
Seems to mirror itself not others.

Is the only mirror out there
Set to attune the human
Kind with a truth that’s kind.

Author’s Notes: Acrostic spelling Mirrored Tones Risk


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