I never thought that future can be this scary

For every step I take,

every decision we make

the future will hand us either an award or punishment.

I am scared of several things,

such as being left behind


and losing someone I love.

And im at that point of my life that i am scared of making a step

Cause I know i can mess up and lose those people I loved.

I am scared as time can take the happiness I have.

Vanessa M. Enfectana

Vanessa M. Enfectana

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  1. We live thinking about future that sometimes it frighten us if we don’t make our dreams come true and if we keep failing and failing. It is scary just thinking that we cannot be successful and the path we take is the wrong one.

  2. I think all of us have the same thoughts. Yes we are scared if we failed, if we lose someone who is cherish for us and if things didn’t worked out as we wanted. But remember that for every failures or bad things happen there are lessons and good things waiting for us.

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