Redeeming the Time is an editorial piece written and shared by Michael Natt to The Ugly Writers for the month of May.


Redeeming the Time


In 1977, the National Wellness Institute (NWI) co-founder Bill Hettler developed the Six Dimensions of Wellness Model consisting of Occupational, Physical, Social, Intellectual, Spiritual and Emotional wellness. Sheltering in place has provided an opportunity for me to focus on cultivating a greater level of wellness in these areas. Here are some highlights:

Occupational: With fitness facilities closed, I have not been able to physically work with clients. However, I have used this time to prepare for what is ahead for me in my career and calling. So, I have delved deeper into my study of life and health coaching, and I am preparing to take two certification exams once testing facilities open again.

Physical: I have continued my five-day-a-week exercise routine: walking five miles outside three times a week and doing my own choreographed cardio and full body strength workout using a TRX, resistance band and body weight twice a week. I have also transitioned to a primarily plant-based diet, and I have regularly gotten between seven and eight hours of quality sleep each night.

Social: I am fortunate to shelter-in-place with my wife, daughter and granddaughter. I can’t think of any other people who I would rather be with during this time. There are also other people who I phone including my mother, daughter in Berlin and some friends. I have been on several interactive Zoom meetings related to life coaching, fitness and men’s accountability.

Intellectual: I love listening to audio books that expand my knowledge and understanding. Some of my favorites during this time have been The Joy of Movement by Kelly McGonigal and The Enneagram by Richard Rohr. There are also some great learning options on television like the Ken Burns documentary on The Mayo Clinic on PBS.

Spiritual: I have really been experiencing a time of spiritual renewal during this time through personal prayer, personal study of The Book of Proverbs, attending and participating in the daily on-line services offered by my church, and listening to a number of ministers and teachers who shared invaluable insights during this time of greater spiritual sensitivity.

Emotional: I am personally grieved by the animosity and lack of respect that people show to political leaders who they don’t agree with. However, I found myself developing my own form of judgementalism toward people, so I have been working very diligently to cultivate a purity of heart, appreciation of others, and a greater level of emotional peace during this time.


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