Tissues and Crookedness

Tissues and Crookedness

Tissues and Crookedness is a poem written and shared by Kevin Rein to The Ugly Writers under the theme Love for the month of May.


Tissues and Crookedness



You were stupid.

You fell in love with me and what again?

We were friends.

I asked you if I should love you back.

And yes I kid-heartedly did.

Thought I gotta have enough of your supernova smiles,

gotta get more munching of your corny rotten jokes,

and an LBM of good vibes.

Like how those CD’s in the cafe tell how deep in my life you have dived.

Verily so far…

And I must swallow you deep into my pocket,

Indulge the scent of your old books smelling hands,

Let your fermented sweaty jeans cover the bags of my sinful eyes.

Oh, sleepless nights.

Hand me your brush honey I’ll clean your teeth,

Let loose all those ill-fated pizza debris.

Spit me out a shot of your Listerine,

and once again… (sigh) yeah…

This is just a daydream.

Can you pick your phone back once more?

Dial my number for the first time in nine years.

Say your hello again and I’ll say mine sweeter.

Make me forget those balls of tissues I made so bitter.

Because shit, I’m still not moving on.


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Joanna Mae Andrade

Aww it really hurts. Ramdam ko yong mga bawat lines mo dito Mr. Rein. I love your work 😊

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