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A Wrong Move


They say that when you are playing chess, you should study your moves well. Otherwise, it would be a checkmate! And this is how exactly the Philippine government feels with our current situation, the lockdown because of the pandemic, that is Covid-19.

They are in a state that every move is as relevant as any. Every pawn is as important as the queen. But I guess, they left the pawns to serve their purpose much as well. And there could be no greater pawns other than the working class.

The first wave of the enhanced community quarantine, the government urged their respective departments to aid by giving supplies to the people. Imposed local governments to distribute what is necessary to their constituents. It was also in the first wave that the amelioration programs were made to help bear the indigent families. And, as we speak, it was made clear that there will be a second tranche!

But, was it right to distribute eight thousand pesos to some of the poor families, and leaving the rest just because of the thought that they would have made it anyway? I think that Malacanang acted without much forethought. Instead of giving chosen families this amount of money, why didn’t they just used the money to make food packs be given on a weekly rate? Besides, now is not the time for us to fill in our heart’s content; it is the time for us to be contented; all the more to be safe.

Then again, if they wish to have distributed money for all, it should have been divided so that “every” family has had the said monetary support. It is disappointing that the concentration of the aid was of the poor families who have used it not to sustain their daily needs, but of their vices and vanity. Leaving the working class, taxpayers unattended.

Also, with much cash flow, opportunities for graft and corruption was given way. I would need not stress how they are doing it, news and social media have it all!

Closing down the businesses, asking people to stay at home is such a bold move. However, I would not contend with that because it is for our good and safety. But when they acted impulsively on money matters, it is when they have made the wrong move.


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