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Mhey Espiritu

You will never be mine

I want you to be mine, and always just be In your glittering eyes, it is only I that you see But from this slumber, I have been woken And knowing how long I have been so broken

Helping or Enabling?

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My thoughts on this are that there are people who would step up in order to show concern for others. A community pantry has been a really good thought for those who have started and those who followed through it.

How to Cope?

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One important thing that should remain in one's head is that no matter what they say and do, show deference. Do not let yourself be pulled in the gutter. Their attitude should not equate yours. Showing much courtesy could always adhere a start of a good relationship. Partner's family or not, we ought to be respectful.

A Wrong Move

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They say that when you are playing chess, you should study your moves well. Otherwise, it would be a checkmate! And this is how exactly the Philippine government feels with our current situation, the lockdown because of the pandemic, that is Covid-19.

Miss Quoted

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They say words can be used to indicate similarities and differences of other people. But the most vital contribution is to bring forth encouragement and positive ideas to the ones reading it.

Surviving LDR

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But why do people still continue to be in this kind of relationship when the probability is more to fail than to triumph?