Nighttime Grey

Nighttime Grey

Nighttime Grey is a poem written by Kevin Rein and shared with The Ugly Writers for the month of November.


I took my sandbar to the waves

Let it washed away and erode

And as I cry my tears

I fell down on my knees

I looked at the Moon

And the Moon gibbously smiled at me

You’re still that kid I first played with twenty two years ago – said the Moon

You were smart, you used to draw, and you could dance

I loved that you were so full of life

But I was saddened when suddenly things changed

The moon started to crack like weeping

And I wept too

I’m still that kid

But you know when stories unfold unhappy things happen first

So this kid inside succumbed to his shell, hide the smiles, and kept his lips shut

I winked at the Moon and I said

That kid is still alive my friend

We share the same heart and he’s still breathing

Know that he’s grown so stubborn just waiting to kick his shell away

But right now he’s still afraid

And the Moon laughed

I picked up my sandbar and fed it to the waves

Let it break and spread apart

I trust that one day

When I wake up

It’s a brand-new start

I played with the Moon twenty two years ago

And that was unforgettable

That was part of a story climbing to its climax

And now the climax is unfolding down

I was the only kid who did that


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