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You, Myself and Us

We're growing on separate ways I'm sad that we can't just embrace I think this is our fate

You, Myself and Us is a poem written by Kevin Rein and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Through The Eyes for the month of March


You, Myself, and Us


Take my hand close to your chest

I wanna feel your heart beating

I wanna feel you breathing

I wanna see clearly why should I stay

Let me gasp for air

Remember how we started

I wanna know why I kept on fighting

I wanna know why I shouldn’t let you go

Honey I love you more than I can show

It hurts that we ended up this way

I love myself and I love you

But I cannot choose both, you know

You need me I get it

But if it means I’ve to forget who I am

I’m sorry, I have to think

I want you but I want me too

I’m sorry baby please understand

We’re growing on separate ways

I’m sad that we can’t just embrace

I think this is our fate

I wish you all the best babe

It doesn’t mean I don’t love you anymore

We need to grow, we’ll need space

I will never forget us

Goodbye love

‘Til next time

Be good

Let’s be good


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