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Yell is a poem written by Kevin Rein and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Stuck with Memories for the month of October


I used to believe I had so many reasons to stay,

let my bags collect dust,

let my papers rot,

let the moon here shine a million times,

but then things don’t stay the same,

you wake up one morning,

and you get your reason to leave,

to stay away,

even though a piece of you will stay stuck here forever,

you can only take the distance,

with no second glance back,

and choose that life here is not yours,

you should go,

or you will be broken.

Life is not under anyone’s control,

but when crossroads meet,

it doesn’t mean both ways come along,

you may get lost either way you choose

but no matter what,

there’s no second chance,

and you can only move forward,

go on,

bloom right where life planted you,

get your stripes,

with no regrets.

Time is unforgiving.

Be wise and be aggressive.

Take your steps like waves smashing walls,

grab as much treasure you can,

for at the end of the day,

either your mission is done or not,

when it’s your turn to go,

you should go.

I used to believe here I can write my whole story.

Let my eyes rest,

enjoy the Summer heat,

shiver with the winters,

drink my coffee from a chipped cup of melamine,

watch my skin wrinkle,

my hair go gray,

but then no wind blows from the same direction,

you sit here now,

you are gone tomorrow.

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