Me and my so-called Paper Heart

Me and my so-called Paper Heart

My heart feels like a paper
So light and so fragile
If you hold it in your hands
Please take good care of it
It may break in an instant
It may shatter in your hands

My heart is like a paper
It can bear anything that is written on it
It can easily burn with a slight ignition
It can burst into flames
It may turn into ashes

My paper heart I carry with me
I carry with me melodies of hope
I carry with me the desire that my so called paper heart
will be taken good care of

My paper heart will flicker with the slightest touch
It can also cause you a paper cut
So be careful with my paper heart
It cannot be repaired once its crumpled up

Me and my so called paper heart
As fragile as it may seem
I hope you’ll fold it and keep it close with your warmth
My paper heart is beaming with your name written in the middle
Don’t let it be blown away by the wind
Please keep Me and my so called paper heart

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Binibining `E

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  1. Madel P. Olveda (MAR142)
    Sociology MQ2
    Individualism- the poet describe how she wanted to be taken care of someday.

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