Blindfolded love

Blindfolded love

Blindfolded Love


Close your eyes

Or let me cover them for a while.

Cover your ears

Stop listening to what the world says.


It is time…

you should stop following what people used to say.

Stop worrying about what society would think.

Stop chasing their expectation and leveling yourself to what they want you to be.


While your eyes were closed, what do you see?


Yes, nothing! But an empty dark space.

And for that moment, you should know that it is already the time… for you.


It is time for you to listen to your heart.

It is time for you to show us who you are.

Is it time for you as a little charcoal to finally show us your diamond side.

You need to start twinkling and you should know that… you can be the brightest star when you finally met the real you.


I believe that when people used to close their eyes

And see who they really are within them

That was the time when they started to shine.

And begins to love… the purest love of loving themselves.



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