the ugly writers

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Let go but it's not like I lost my grip was looking at the empty space I've been holding all alone

Just a draft..

Like the moon

once together with a part of you

Close at one point

Felt like I was in the way

The look on your face when I saw you  pushing me there

I lost it

Let go

but it’s not like I lost my grip

was looking at the empty space I’ve been holding all alone

wished it were a dream

even real

it was nothing with an end

Where do I go with that

Was there at your side

I see you looking at me and you smile

How the fuck do I erase that from my mind

Opened my eyes and saw you

You were you I was there

Never needed a reason

I loved you without ever wondering why

These thoughts whispering every detail of you

The way you tilt your head  with your eyes closed

the water seemed to take every worry with it as it fell off your face

Every fucking wrong every right you were just beautiful

Feels like screams

just too many of them.

Everything I thought

Holding onto with my hands

Drifting a Little further from you each time I’m able to make out what they say.

No sunlight my darkness

I just fade away


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  1. I think this poem is about break up and moving on. The guy can’t handle the memories of their past. Well it happened to me many times, it is really painful but atleast you’ve learned a lesson that there are people that are meant to teach you a lesson and not to stay forever. What you just need to do is too accept it, we can’t force what is not meant for us.

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