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Piece of You

It gives you an excruciating pain seeing yourself suffer like this. Your eyes were filled with tears.

Piece of You

As your smile in the picture is now incomplete. It is not the puzzle you have loved before, with fear of losing every piece of it, you just hang it in the corner. The beauty has faded and so is its smile. It gives you an excruciating pain seeing yourself suffer like this. Your eyes were filled with tears. You just cried your heart out. The good thing is you still have your best friend you can depend on.

It was your graduation day, it was a painful day for you. The setting is just fine, boys have their hair waxed and girls filled their faces with makeup. The ceremony started in a very casual way, everybody has their names called on stage, and has received their diplomas. Everyone has their parents attending the hall. Proudly taking pictures of their sons and daughters. Of course, they are happy. But on that special day, you only have yourself. No parents taking pictures and congratulating you and it gives an unbearable sadness to you. Soon you saw your best friend, and she wants to say something to you.

“Kath, I don’t want to be your best friend anymore,” she said as if it is just nothing for her.

You refuse to give your answer. Nothing will make that day worse. Your eyes were filled with tears again. But now, no one is going to catch it up for you. You got home late at night wandering around the streets not knowing what you really should do. Your family is waiting for you to arrive to have some dinner. You refuse. You just want to cry it out until it’s okay. You have covered yourself with blankets again. You have your pillows wet by your tears. It was a nonstop sob at that night. You stare at the wall wondering why you were feeling this way. You look down at the ground and saw your puzzle lying in there. Immediately, pick it up but it was torn to pieces. It pricks your soul. You still pick it up and tries to rearrange it but it was nothing like before. The canvass was still intact but the pieces were torn to pieces. It really feels like nothing has come your way.

It took time before you came back to your senses. It is 12 midnight already but your tears have not given any signs of witchery. The deep-sea is now converging with the full moon of the sky. The view was so stunning. The stars still shine like a crystal light at the sky, the sand still feels warm and the wind starts to blows a colder breeze as the night starts to get deeper. No one is still around.

“Maybe I can drown myself in this deep sea and no one will ever find me” You murmured to yourself as your mood gets gloomier than ever.

You raise your feet and step slowly in the white sand. Your hair was tugged by the wind. Your tears were still deep and no one was still around.

You had found footsteps in the sand, it was bigger than yours. You looked around and saw a guy wearing a weird full white drapery, hair was long, eyed were deep, and his mustache, beard and a pointed nose. He is holding something as big as a canvass.

It was a puzzle, the picture inside was you. It was not rumbled nor incomplete. That picture couldn’t have been more immaculate. Your smile was not just a smile of happiness but also a smile full of hopes.

“I have collected every part that is missing and elevate it to create a more meaningful you. For I have plans for you, plans to prosper you and not to perish you.” The only thing he said to her.

You walk away from the shore with a smile on your face.



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