Almost Unfaithful


I can’t keep my mind off you

The time where you suddenly grabbed my hand when we were crossing the road.

The moment when your face comes so closed that it almost became a kiss.

The jokes to make so carelessly seemed to mean something else to me.

After all, every joke have a little truth in it.

My heart can’t seem to contain itself when I’m around you.

I tried to hold myself back but my face just gives it all off.

I see the warning signs; I hear what you want but your actions say something else.

There’s something about wanting what you can’t have and not appreciating what is yours.

I’m feeling that now.

Sometimes I wonder, am I ignoring these signs too much or are you just too friendly.

Will you do the same for every other girl?

A friendly conquest, a heart’s desire. That line that can’t be crossed.

What we had was temporary bliss, pushing of boundaries and longing of that thrill.

We didn’t do anything wrong but yet why did it feel so bad.

The unspoken truth that lingers above us. The possibility of something very bad could happen if only I’d reacted to you.

I don’t like you; I just like the idea of what could have happened between us.


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