Sell Your Dreams


When dawn draws near

And last night’s falling star

Has found a new home to sleep

Hold back your pearly tears


Sell your dreams At my door

When the autumnal moon


For the last kiss of Lotus

Dying On water’s hearse

And the fireflies, dim and pale

Hide under the leaves to rest

After a long night in spring

And the plump fruits grace

The wild trees by the lake.

Come, sell your dreams

At my door.

In the mild light of the sun

Which sleeps behind the clouds

Or blinded by its golden light

Shining on a bright new day

Passing by the field of poppies

Dancing specks of red dust

For When dusk falls,

And the nocturnal music begins

To resound, amidst

the fallen crisp leaves

I shall not sleep, nor dream

Without your dreams waking up

In my eyes

Come and sell your dreams

Though they are priceless and delicate like

Tiny coral memories

And pale blue summer skies.


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