When Love Has Ended

When Love Has Ended

When Love Has Ended

When you feel that you feel nothing,
When you feel nothing when he loves the other one.
When you feel numb at his pain
When his joy doesn’t transpire into you,
You know then.
When you are insensitive to his other women,
When you stop to pretend to be happy,
When you stop posting pics on Facebook,
Trying to convince others all is well,
When you are not scared of people gossip,
Then ask yourself.
When you feel that a relationship is just a contract
Merely debit and credit,
When you consider that relationship has become just a piece of paper,
Then ask yourself.
When you stop trying to win him back,
When you two are together for benefits,
When you know anger towards him has left you,
And the hatred and jealousy are gone,
Then you are just a roommate under the same roof.
And then, you know the love has ended,
And the relationship of convenience has begun.

Note: This poem is based on loveless relationship

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Tabassum Tahmina Shagufta Hussein
Tabassum Tahmina Shagufta Hussein is an aesthete from Dhaka, Bangladesh & MA holder in British&American Literature.Now a Free-lance writer. She writes weekly column for Different Truths Publications, India featuring humanitarian to diverse issues. She has contributed to other news portals. Her poems appeared in literary magazines. She has contributed to five Anthologies so far. She loves travelling and participates in recitals She seeks beauty from the blade of grass to twinkling stars. Aestheticism and humanism are the essence of her existence.She is the International Fellow 2020 of International Human Rights Arts Festival. She can be reached at tts.hussein@gmail.com
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