Coronation is a poem written and shared by Maryam H. Viqar to The Ugly Writers for the theme Pandemic this month of April.



Escape somewhere far, deep in the warm shades

Of welcoming woods where life never fades

But transforms into a Dandelion

liberated, transcendental, divine

Away by the happily flowing stream

Where twittering song birds from last night’s dream

Chase butterflies, flying high to the skies

where beauty atlast keeps her lustrous eyes*

The sun warm, patient keeps looking downwards

To see sheeps and goats’ frothy cloud-like herds

Here I am, within my walls, quarantined

Never for this we were ever destined

Bleak, but with imagination I see

All else stands pale, still and stale around me

In circles set out for a long journey

Tiring, unending… Perhaps unforseen


* In Remembrance ‘Ode To A Nightingale’ by John Keats.


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