BUCKET LIST is a poem written by Maryam H. Viqar and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Terrible Ideas for the month of July.




Drive crazily

In an Arabian desert

Only to be rescued by a stranger,

Can you?

Jog along the grand canyon

To get blisters in your feet,

Can you?!

Creep up from behind

The morpho butterflies

Startling them up from a

Yellow flower

Laugh loudly

Until your sides begin to ache

Can you?!

Fall fearlessly fall

On a heap of crispy autumn leaves

And watch the sun hide behind the clouds.

For long hours

try sitting

With your toes touching a stream,

Can you?

Pick a rose in full bloom

Give it to the next person

You see

Runaway while you still can.

Write a mad love letter

Perfumed with

Your own signature scent

Send it to the one

Who shall never be yours

And forget to mention your name

Can you?!

Just sing a happy song in public

With words you can’t recall

Even if it’s all wrong.

What with the secret heartache

You carry within

Forget about him and move on

Never look back

To search for possibilities

Ever again

Can you?!


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