Yesterday is gone is a poem written by Reiu Somao-I and shared to The Ugly Writers under the theme Terrible Ideas for the month of July


Yesterday is gone


I looked back and all I could see was fog

No more trees dancing, just a pile of dried logs

The light was gone and everything was fading

My eyes started to burn and my heart was aching

Those times we spend together, I don’t miss you.

The yells that used to scold at me, it’s disappearing too.

Faces that I faintly recognize, what did I do?

Touches that felt warm, why did I let go?

I shout to be heard, it only echoes around

I’m afraid I could no longer say I’m safe and sound

I remember those beatings and slashes

The infinite counts of kicks and punches

As I shifted my gaze, scars appeared on my body

It didn’t hurt at all but it looks so ugly

Ah! So that was the past that I wanted to seal

In exchange of my freedom, I made a deal

I should never look back again and cry

This is the best for me if I don’t wish to die

Past is done and shall never be repeated

Present is here and this is what I needed

Future will be shaped and kneaded

My life would never be controlled or dictated

Today is important, tomorrow, I’ll do the best I can

Because I’m no longer the same since yesterday is gone.


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