Unspoken is a poem written by Reiu Somao-I and shared to The Ugly Writers under the theme Terrible Ideas this month of July




“I’m tired” I could never say these words,

Not like I can’t but because I shouldn’t

I could not complain nor demand

Because I am obliged to work like a machine

A little rest would be considered like I’m lazy

A little laugh would be seen as a mockery

An intent stare would be thought as retaliation

Even my intonation would be interpreted as a condemnation

I’ll cover my eyes so they won’t see

That my vision is blurry due to sleepless anxiety-filled nights

I’ll cover my ears, for me not to hear degrading words thrown at me

I heard too many insults that I almost memorize it all

I’ll cover my mouth or better yet seal it

So that I won’t talk back even if they ask me

I’ll wrap my skin so they won’t see

My way of dealing with the pain building inside me

I’ll do as what they told me to

Even the things I shouldn’t, I’m willing too

What difference will it make anyway?

I’m just someone existing for their disposal

“I’m tired” yet I couldn’t give up

I still need to see my worth in this life

I still yearn to hear praises that I was deprived

I still hope to find someone who’ll hear me rant

There are so many things I still want to do

But I feel like I’m running out of time

I know my priorities, mainly their interest

Regardless if I’m happy or not, I can’t rest yet

Keep moving, work and do anything

You don’t want to be called useless, right?

Keep moving, don’t stop until they said so

No one wants to feel like trash, as they said.

Once worth would be only counted through money and beauty

If you have brain, at least try to earn every currency

If you possess nothing, just work hard

Keep on gambling using your not so good cards

Someday, I hope I could speak those words

As I take a break and savor the world

With this heart turned into stone, unbreakable and icy cold

I’m tired, finally, I found the courage with blood on my hands, a story not to be told.


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