The Word Sorry Is Not Enough

The Word Sorry Is Not Enough

The Word Sorry Is Not Enough


We commit mistakes
Worth getting punished for
We commit mistakes
That is meant to learn from.

Intentional mistakes can make you feel ashamed,
Personally affect you inside and out.
There will be mistakes that sometimes
you can’t fix it at all,
But sometimes, mistakes can put you in a box
you will spend with despair.

You will disappoint others and most especially yourself,
The guilt is within you and it can be the reason
to stop being motivated by the passion you have.
You blame yourself for making mistakes over and over again.
You think of your not really on this path,
Like you just trying to fit in.

From your wrong deeds, a lot of things will never be the same.
The expectations of people around
will cast uncertainty. It really hurts but
It’s part of your actions.
Don’t just seek forgiveness because
what people seek for you are good actions from your mistakes.

Don’t expect people will see you as who you really are at first
You’re damaged. All you have to do is to prove yourself
You can make it again with the right action.
Thinking of other people’s feelings.
Don’t just be selfish always consider other people.

But first, just forgive yourself and start a new one,
Give a chance to yourself that you can make again.
Yeah, it hurts but as days pass by and as you continue
Being who you are you can make it again.
For now, feel free to say sorry for yourself
and for others that were affected.


Admin’s Note:

Both Ms. Mendoza and the admin of this community are sincerely regretful of what transpired today.  The Word Sorry Is Not Enough. But we promise we will learn from this mistake.

Fatima Mae Mendoza

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Tabassum Tahmina Shagufta Hussein

I don’t know what transpired today. But the readers and the contributors have full faith over The Ugly Writers. TUW has given platform to so many POC Writers and poets. This is not just a website. A community. TUW treats the community with respect and always ready to extend support and encouragement. Without TUG I couldn’t be able to continue my poetry writing. TUG inspired me and gave me courage to write story. I am with TUG and grateful to TUG for their continuous support.
Regards, gratitude n best wishes

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