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The Desire For Tasting Lemons

The Desire For Tasting Lemons is a short story written by Haniya Usmani and shared with The Ugly Writers for the month of July.

The Desire For Tasting Lemons

The Desire For Tasting Lemons

Zain sat there intrigued by those yellow citrus fruits lying there in a cheap china dish as he gulped down the warm ginger tea. His mind was chaos. Those lemons looked lip-smacking delicious. His heart was pounding fiercely in his small chest. As he took in two sharp breaths and averted his gaze from the weird intoxicatingly beautiful lemons.

He clenched his fingers around the corner of the table cloth and turned his head sideways. Anyone would have thought at first that the poor child was severely sick, but deep down he only seemed to realize his desire for tasting the lemons. His heartbeat picked pace again and this time he gaped at the lemons. “Adrenaline?” he whispered to himself.

The poor kid might look as tough as wire, but his patience and the lemons were killing him. Without further ado he scanned the place around him, no one seemed to bother his existence. He huffed silently and blocking away any other thought. Zain leaped aggressively to snatch a slice of the lemon off the china dish.

He slowly brought the lemons nearer to his lips. The corner of his lips slowly turned up, and his mouth opened-parted like a gate, to suck on the lemons. Within a second or so he spits out the lemon furiously. And clenched his stomach as he gulped down a glass of water, but the sour, bitter taste lingered on to his tongue. He grabbed a napkin and wiped it on his tongue but his tries were ineffective. If only he hadn’t tasted the lemon. The aftershock was horrible indeed. No matter how many glasses of water he gulped, his lips always, in the end, were pursed together as he felt the nasty lemon juice at the back of his tongue.

Paying attention to this incident, we could relate it to real life. You see in the same way the boy was attracted to the lemons, almost in the similar way we are attracted to the wrongs in life. We see the wrong as the right and the right as the wrong. We are deceived and it takes a lot of self-trust in order to remain firm on the right path and avoid what seems unavoidable.

An average human has more chances to fall into this unresisting trap which seems so beautiful at first but is pretty scandalous. At the time of differing from wrong and right, we have our eyes usually closed to the world. We are blinded by the light of the wrong and surrender ourselves. Only then after experiencing, we notice our faults and suffer from within. Even the smallest mistake then feels so vast, that it causes us to lose hope in ourselves. The aftermath is terrible and we regret getting involved in the wrongdoers, just as the boy “Zain” regretted tasting the lemons.

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