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Yet only when a heart grows bold to unfold vulnerability will reformation turn worry and rejection into love’s affirmation.

Aniridia is a poem written by Pasithea Chan and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme The Best Bad Idea for the month of January






When rejection and worry consummate
love and care become a paradoxical reality
where tragedy tramples one’s actuality.

When waiting is a form of athleticism
devotion becomes a mere inscription
where actions wear motives as emotions.

When silence becomes the decorum
isolation becomes an impenetrable cell
where expression is left to die in solitude.

When charm turns into a personal shock
withdrawal becomes an expletive line
where sadness is a lifetime act.

When company is dissolved
hurt leaves the heart entranced
where sighs beat to pump woes for feats.

When memories of the past are shared
pain relays present emotions forecasted
as meteoric showers of betrayal ahead.

Yet only when a heart grows bold to unfold
vulnerability will reformation turn worry
and rejection into love’s affirmation.

Until then love’s eyes will remain blobs of ice
on dreams’ face lacking trust’s iris and direction’s pupils
like a head bust of a roman cast lifeless visionless for ages.

Aniridia of worry and rejection is a temporary condition
curable with durable cognition of trust and volition.

Author’s Notes:
Aniridia normally affects both eyes and it is a condition which babies are born with. Your iris is a muscle which controls the size of the pupil to allow different amounts of light into your eye.

Inspired by Shinedown’s  song “Through the Ghost”.


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Pasithea Chan

Pasithea Chan

Pasithea is a budding Lebanese Filipino impressionist who enjoys writing poetry in symbolism laced with philosophy and psychology.

Given her legal background having worked as legal and risk management consultant in MENA and the far east; she also writes legal and academic articles.

Her creative writing has been read on several podcasts and radios and was featured in several magazines and anthologies including: Envision Arts, Rigorous, Fevers of the Mind, Osprey's Empire, Voices of the Real and Suicide.

Having written 2500+ poems and more than 12 short stories; Pasithea writes in various styles but prefers pieces that have double meanings to allow a reader to delve deeper into her works.

Articles: 70

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