To the one who left me

To the one who left me

To the one who left me is an essay written by Vanessa Enfectana and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme The Best Bad Idea for the month of January


To the one who left me,

If ever we bumped into each other again in the future, are you gonna stop and ask me to have some coffee with you? I wonder how would we start our conversation by then. Are we gonna start by saying “Hello! How have you been?” or pretend like nothing really happen. Should I be the one to take the first sip on a coffee that we once shared and pretend like I wasn’t nervous. I’m gonna talk and pretend like I didn’t miss you. Like this black coffee ain’t giving me some palpitation. I’m gonna smile and steal some glance of your face.

Hi! You know there’s alot of questions running in my mind like¬† I just wanna know if you’ve been happy after we broke up. Did you finally find the girl you’ve been looking for? Are you happy now? I wanna know if you ever missed me the way I do. But, if you don’t… I.. I just really wanna know. But I’m gonna stop myself from asking and pretend like I almost forgot what happened.

I wonder, I wonder if that time came… I wonder if you still remember me. Would you still recognize me? Would you still care. Cause baby, I do. I really miss you.

To the man who left me, you left a huge scar in my heart. A scar that will forever remind me of all the smiles, laughter and happy memories. And most of all, the day you turned your back on me. Baby, you left a huge mark in my soul that will forever long for you.


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