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Jesse 9 (Unsent Letter From The Muse)

I wish to be that beauty you speak of- angelic yet demure, which I am not. The mirror shows me less than your eyes see

Jesse 9
Unsent Letter From The Muse

My dear friend, I guess the question is this:
you live to dream in worlds of pretty words
of fanciful thoughts and the darkest truths
with words that arouse me to truly wish
that they be true, even if truth is blurred,
in art or dreams or fantasies of youth.
I wish to be that beauty you speak of-
angelic yet demure, which I am not.
The mirror shows me less than your eyes see
speaking with reverence that’s close to love:
your poems , sweet yet filled with tender shocks
capture my heart only to set it free.
My fear is soon, you’ll see me as I am
and replace me, a thought I cannot stand

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  1. Francisco Nicanor Nitro
    Francisco Nicanor Nitro

    Dreams can sometimes fill your emotion and imagination.. love it

  2. Roselle Alexandra Ocquiana
    Roselle Alexandra Ocquiana

    friends are also our family we need to treasure them

  3. Allison Danielle Smith
    Allison Danielle Smith

    wow, this really got to me.

  4. Reann Harel Pagal
    Reann Harel Pagal


  5. Anne Bernadette Guiron
    Anne Bernadette Guiron

    Let your dreams lead the way.

  6. Sebastian Campos
    Sebastian Campos


  7. Raven Tricia Nicolas
    Raven Tricia Nicolas


  8. Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

  9. If you have someone that’s always there at your darkness side, he/she is a keeper.

  10. Ana Milen Dumaguing
    Ana Milen Dumaguing

    Aside from our family, friends are forever. We should treasure them. ❤

  11. Dominador Jr. Costillas
    Dominador Jr. Costillas

    Nice one

  12. Eurica Mae Alevio
    Eurica Mae Alevio

    sometimes you just have to be true to yourself.

  13. Kenneth Ivan Delacruz
    Kenneth Ivan Delacruz

    Im so glad bcuz i read this poem.

  14. Aprille Gail Mari Domingo
    Aprille Gail Mari Domingo

    Surround ourselves with those people who will accept us through thick and thin.

  15. Princess Mae Inopia
    Princess Mae Inopia

    Friends sometimes know you better than yourself.

  16. Marc Irvin Camba
    Marc Irvin Camba

    Am i dreaming? 😴

  17. Bryan Efhriell Selda
    Bryan Efhriell Selda


  18. Glarence Cammayo
    Glarence Cammayo


  19. Vincent Tolentino
    Vincent Tolentino


  20. Aeomarie De Guzman
    Aeomarie De Guzman

    I like this poem. I really like it.

  21. The words uncover symbolism

  22. Julia Pauline Nieva
    Julia Pauline Nieva

    A friend that last for a lifetime is worth seeing…

  23. janchristian leonardo
    janchristian leonardo

    Nice thats good idea about life

  24. Aliza Danielle Gonzales
    Aliza Danielle Gonzales

    I can truly relate to this poem. I get insecure about things easily and afraid to get hurt that is why I’m scared to love someone.

  25. Gian Glenn Baldomero
    Gian Glenn Baldomero

    Nice poem!

  26. Amazing😀

  27. Nice one

  28. We always choose to live a life without any complications, without any obstacles. We tend to choose the easy way to life than to live with a life that is hard.

  29. Dante Franz Lalata
    Dante Franz Lalata

    Loving is caring

  30. ❤❤❤❤❤

  31. Laurence Patrick Bernal
    Laurence Patrick Bernal


  32. jhowin Doloeras
    jhowin Doloeras

    Great idea! 💯

  33. Princess Ruby Flores
    Princess Ruby Flores

    Friends are not just friends, they are also our family

  34. Mhar Jhane Lampitoc
    Mhar Jhane Lampitoc


  35. Johaifah Sharif
    Johaifah Sharif

    Very inspiring

  36. Crystal Anne Castillo
    Crystal Anne Castillo

    a well written poem

  37. Marie Stephanie Nicole Concepcion
    Marie Stephanie Nicole Concepcion

    nice poem

  38. So much appreciated 💖

  39. Junezsa Belar, CIV193, Art Appreciation, Colors, MX

  40. Judith B. Ramores,CIV192, Art Appreciation, Colors, MX

  41. Laurence Patrick Bernal
    Laurence Patrick Bernal

    Laurence Patrick C. Bernal, CIV192, Art Appreciation, Colors [MX]

  42. Marie Stephanie Nicole D. Concepcion, CIV192, Art Appreciation, Colors, MX

  43. Marianne Tesaluna
    Marianne Tesaluna

    Marianne Tesaluna, CIV193, Art appreciation and Colors and MX

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