Saying goodbye is really painful. But sometimes, that is what we really need to move on. A goodbye breaks us yet allows us to be whole again.

A Goodbye To My Home

This…this would be the last time I’ll write something about you. I know it’s hard to believe that there will be a time where you have to leave the place you once called “Home”.  You are not just my inspiration but my destination. Wherever I go, I always look-up on you. I always dream to go back to you.  You are my wonder. The place I always want to explore. I’ll never get tired admiring your beauty. You never fail to bring a smile on my face. My heart jumps out of joy every single minute that I am with you. You are my comfort; the place I can run to every time I’m feeling low. It’s just sad that I am not the one you wished to go to.  I feel so bad to hear that I am not the person you wanted to see. I am not the one you wanted to share your life with. And I’m sorry if I keep pushing myself to you. At first, it is hard for me to accept the fact that I won’t be enough to make you stay. It hurts so bad to know that the person I once considered my “world” wished to get out of my life. Meteors hit my head when you said “I am happier with her and I hope you to feel the same way…maybe someday…with someone else”. I go crazy thinking that the person where my life used to revolve to is now owned by somebody else. But I can’t do anything. I love you, and by that, I chose your happiness more than mine.

My love, I want you to remember that you are the sun who brightens up my day. You are the one who gave me so much energy and excitement to wake up every morning. You are the moon in my darkest night. Your smile will always remain as the most beautiful star in my galaxy. The number of stars in the sky will never be enough to count the reasons why I love you. And now that you’re gone, my universe will go back into an empty space, with complete silence and darkness.

This is so sad, but I guess I have to accept this. I have to let go of my universe. I love you so much and I wish you could hear this. Our memories will always remain in my heart. Your image is well captured in my head so I could always look on it even after I left.

To the girl she loves, please take care of my universe. Please never get tired of reminding him every single day how amazing he is. Please tell him how beautiful his smile is and how much it suite him. Hug him when he’s feeling low and just gave him some burger or ice cream… I swear that could make him feel better. Hand him a black coffee when he’s feeling stressed out. Feed him with fruits every morning. Please, take care of my love. I know, you’re the only one who can make him happy. And that makes you way better than I am. I wish I was you. And I want you to know how jealous I am but it’s okay. Life is really unfair sometimes. I wish you all the best. I hope the happiness of the two of you.

For the very last time, I love you so much and goodbye.


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Vanessa M. Enfectana


John Angelo Baisa

yikes thats heartbreaking

Allison Danielle Smith

When you are truly used to something, it’s gonna be hard to let go.

Shulamita Rivera

This is a proof that home isn’t just four walls and a roof, It’s two arms ready to hold you tight. And losing your home might be the most heartbreaking of all —

Jarem jairus San Luis

It is truly heartbreaking when the place you call home suddenly disappear.

Danielle Beatrice Permejo

I know how it feels to be left behind 😢, relate much

Danielle Beatrice Permejo

Saying goodbye is the hardest part of being with someone, relate much

Andrea Jamille


Jerico Cabral

Suuuugoooiiii!! It reminds me of someone :<

janchristian leonardo


Giovannie Antonio

awit pre saket

Mark Joseph Ramos

We can’t find home in just ourselves

Cyrel Julian Pili


Immarence Del Castañeda

I cried 🙁 i miss home 😭

Jein Rex Narvaza

Too good at goodbyes

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