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I Am Patriotism

The spirit of volunteerism is what makes me proud to be a Filipino at this time. Time and again, we are put to test through crisis and calamity; we pick up the pieces together and stand up as one.

I Am Patriotism

I am Christine. I am a Filipino Citizen and I am proud to be one.

I choose patriotism because as our name suggests nationalism is rightfully at the center of our institution and community. We display undying and devoted love for our country and everything that it stands for. We are committed to defending our land with pride, honor and ensuring that its image is always dignified. As a Filipino we should be proud to our country and also we should preserve our landforms and water forms. Our wonderful culture, colorful heritage and our optimistic attitude towards life that despite the calamities that are facing right now we even though experience all of that. We Filipinos still get to put a smile on our faces. Many Filipinos have different talents like dancing, singing and etc. and also we are so very intelligent in doing innovate products. The spirit of volunteerism is what makes me proud to be a Filipino at this time. Time and again, we are put to test through crisis and calamity; we pick up the pieces together and stand up as one. The strength and resilience of Filipinos are truly inspiring the “Bayanihan” is one Filipino spirit and I am proud of. I am proud to say I am Filipino just like our soldiers fight and love for our country. Through our soldiers’ hard times with a sense of honor and just strong faith that we will overcome. We should buy our local brands because of these products made by our fellow Filipinos with love and care, we should be proud that our skin color is “Kayumangi” (brown) and the color of our hair is black. Because this will give us distinctiveness to other people came from other countries. We have different tourist spots in the Philippines that we can be proud of. And to introduce our culture you should try to experience our transportation like jeepney, bus, kalesa, and tricycle you should also try to taste our famous Filipino foods like kwek-kwek, Adobo, Sinigang, Sisig and many more. Also, you must try our alcoholic drink named “tagaka” drink made in the Philippines. It is a drink made of tanduay, milk and coffee this taste like Chuckie but in alcoholic form. I also choose patriotism because of the famous artist here in the Philippines that being known in different countries and still proud for example Lea Salonga known for her powerful voice and being an actress also because of her winning role in Miss Saigon and singing Disney songs, Manny Pacquiao a professional boxer he is known for being an only eight-division world champion and now serving as senator in the Philippines and many more. These two people really work hard to be known outside of our country they put their 100% but still, they are bringing the name of our country without a single doubt.

The moral of this is that we should love our country more than others, we should support the local than the foreign, we should have one goal and that’s putting up one another. Let’s protect our homeland like what other countries do. It is so confusing that other country has more care in our land than us Filipinos. We desire to see our nation to be succeeding in every aspect but we don’t help our country in little things. For me we should love first our homeland than any other country we should commit in our homeland and also respect it so that others will do the same. Loving our country is not hard, you know what is hard? Complaining things and didn’t even helping to change and be the change. We should always keep in mind that “ Tangkilikin ang sariling atin.”


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the ugly writers

the ugly writers

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