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Hope for Sale

I was desperate to get out of the dark So, I spent my last dime on that bulb. It hurt being abused, making me pay more because of a need to have hope.

Hope for Sale

I used to think the world was bright
shining with hope’s light.
Until one day, life broke its bulb
forcing me to pay for light.

At first my chances flickered
until I burned my bridges.
Next chaos blackened my days
leaving me in darkness’ maze.

So, I unscrewed my perspective
and changed my values screw base.
But my life’s bulb stayed broken
hanging from opportunity’s wire.

I tried to fix my bulb using my wits
to push chance’s filaments into life’s
bulb but time’s inert gas escaped
leaving me with a clanking void.

I realized I needed a new one.
But never knew that no one
would install it or guarantee it works.
So I took my chances: light or burn.

I applied my new bulb
and pressed my switch on.
It didn’t work so I checked
the box and it said:

You need to pay to activate your bulb.
Our fees will depend on your usage.
These are our inclusive terms.
We are sorry if you find them abusive.

I was desperate to get out of the dark
So, I spent my last dime on that bulb.
It hurt being abused, making me pay
more because of a need to have hope.

Turns out, qualifications aren’t enough.
Money buys the chance to have a right
to benefit from life’s bulb shining
hope’s light for a price!


Author’s Notes:
Everything is for sale nowadays especially opportunity to work. We pay job sites and recruiters to spruce our CV’s and push us up in the ranking or make us pass the automated job matchmaking systems. They will tell you it takes 8 seconds to dismiss your CV and 75% of these resumes end up binned if they don’t have the key terms the system recognizes. What’s sad is, whoever invented SEO keyword optimization may have well prefaced the machine’s takeover on humans’ right to economical security. It’s good to be efficient but it’s tragic when our futures are steered by how much we can remove from our mouths to pay those who can beat the machines!

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the ugly writers

the ugly writers

Pasithea Chan

Pasithea Chan

Pasithea is a budding Lebanese Filipino impressionist who enjoys writing poetry in symbolism laced with philosophy and psychology.

Given her legal background having worked as legal and risk management consultant in MENA and the far east; she also writes legal and academic articles.

Her creative writing has been read on several podcasts and radios and was featured in several magazines and anthologies including: Envision Arts, Rigorous, Fevers of the Mind, Osprey's Empire, Voices of the Real and Suicide.

Having written 2500+ poems and more than 12 short stories; Pasithea writes in various styles but prefers pieces that have double meanings to allow a reader to delve deeper into her works.

Articles: 70


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