Camping under the stars

Camping under the stars is a short story written and shared by Shi Hui of IreviewUread for The Ugly Writers with the theme Stuck!


Camping under the stars


I laid in the tent and stare into the sea of stars while my ears get hypnotize by the ocean kissing the rocks. Friendly chatter between friends and family could be heard from a distance. The sound of laughter lightens up the atmosphere. Once in a while, a gush of wind hits the tent and our temporary home shook. The weather forecast predicted that it will be a clear night but as others secure their rain guards, we wonder if we should secure ours too.

I enjoyed the breeze under the night sky while listening to the familiar snoring from the other side of the tent. It has now become the music for my slumber. The sky poured a sea of stars for me while I laid under it, thinking. I thought back to The Little Prince Story and wondered, “Who are all those people on the stars? Are there even any?” Questions that I will never get the answers to. On the other hand, the story made me appreciate the stars more. To understand that every star is significant no matter how small or dim they are. Just like us.


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