Smile is a short essay written and shared by Vanessa Enfectana for The Ugly Writers under the theme STUCK for the month of February.




I once loved a man and put him as the center of my happiness or rather the reason for my happiness. I was blind with the fact that because of that, I was never happy. Happiness should not be determined by a person or material things. Happiness should come from the inside. Happiness should be because you’ve grown, you’ve passed each day and conquered the challenges of life. Happiness should be knowing that you are you and because of that, you have this person. Happiness should be you. Not him nor anyone. Cause if you put your happiness to another person, you’ll be the saddest person on earth. Remember, everyone in this world come and go. Everyone will leave you, either by choice or by death and the only thing left is you. You will always be there for yourself with whatever decision or even with death. To encourage and support yourself and put your happiness in YOU.


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