Pause is a short poem written and shared by Job Vianney Diwa for The Ugly Writers under the theme STUCK for the month of February.




We’ve been running in circles

Aren’t you tired?

Where will this lead?

Aren’t you thinking of us?

All the songs you introduced to me

They’re fading from the background

All the poems that I used to write about you

No longer rhymes

I’ve been into this battle for so long

Until now I still don’t know if I’ll win or not

But one thing is for sure

At the end of this

Tears will surely flow

I wanted to fight for you

But you are not giving me enough reason to do so

I wanted to claim you

But I can feel the coldness within you

So tell me what to do

Can I rewind from what we used to be?

Can I forward this to our future together?

Funny, do we even have one?

Can we take a break for a while?

So we can sort things out

The things that we really want to do in life

So it would be easy for us to

Decide and move forward.
Decide and move forward.


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