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It had always been you

Knowing that I am no longer fighting my battles alone is the most reassuring feeling one can give the other.

In the midst of darkness, I lay beside you. My gaze gently scoured your body as I hear the steady breathe you took while you sleep. It’s such amazement that one could look so vulnerable and innocent under the moon while they transformed into a different person as the sunrise. My mind wandered off to you. To when I first met you.

From the first time my eyes laid eyes on you, I knew this was going to be different. I keep trying to compare you to the others but you were nothing like the others. You kept trying and trying even though I keep pushing you away. Some call you insane, others say you don’t know your limits. For you, you didn’t care. You knew I was the one. You knew that we will be one. You were so warm while I was so cold. Many times, our strong-headed way of thinking made me question us but you’re so sure of us that it’s comforting. As the days becomes weeks and weeks become months, it becomes more certain that you’re here to stay.

Knowing that I am no longer fighting my battles alone is the most reassuring feeling one can give the other.

As my lips gently touched your shoulder, leaving you a Vaseline stained kiss, I feel the warmth immitting your body. All of a sudden, you released the beast in your lips and loud snores could be heard from miles away. At the point of time, I wanted to push you off the bed but the thoughts in my head and love in my heart stopped me. If only you knew, how much I cherished you, in spite of everything.

Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for staying. Thank you for believing in us.

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the ugly writers the ugly writers the ugly writers the ugly writers

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  1. Having someone by your side while you’re fighting all your demons is the most comforting feeling ever.

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