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the ugly writers
Solitude and Social Special and Crucial Multiple or can be Dual I wish I could heal.


the ugly writers
I can now laugh at it And see how we became stupid. I might see you again, But nothing remains.

What is Missing?

the ugly writers
I'd been here and there, But bitter is still what it tastes in the end. Why can't I get the best tasting ending? Where can I get that one of a kind ingredient?

Recommended Books for Teens

book recommendations
Our youth is our future. Thus, we need to make sure that we hone them with the right books to read. Books that can empower them to become the person that they dreamed of. Thus, here's some of our recommendation for our teenage youth to read.

3 Best Things To Do After Graduating

For many graduates, Life after school can be challenging. Remember that your graduation ceremony means that you are to enter a new life - something new, something fresh. Among the things, you can consider doing is getting a job, enrolling a postgraduate course or choosing to travel the world.