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Kelli J Gavin

Kelli J Gavin of Carver, Minnesota is a Writer, Editor, Blogger and Professional Organizer. Her work can be found with Clarendon House Publishing, Sweetycat Press, The Ugly Writers, Sweatpants & Coffee, ZPP, Setu, 300 South Media Group, Otherwise Engaged, Flora Fiction, and Southwest Media among others. Kelli’s first two books were released in 2019 (“I Regret Nothing- A Collection of Poetry and Prose” and “My Name is Zach- A Teenage Perspective on Autism”). She has co-authored over 25 anthologies. She is also working on a collection of fiction short stories.

Reckless Mercy

the ugly writers
No more hurt Or spewed hatred I will return nothing but love From this day forward Reckless mercy has taught me how to love you

The Great Pretender

the ugly writers
About people hiding behind their masks - a great pretender, a person who pretends to be someone they are not, hinders themselves of true happiness.


the ugly writers
We sometimes associate certain places with a specific event in our lives. Behold such great childhood memories that never fade.

When You Can’t Go Any Further

the ugly writers
When you can not go any further, when your body gives out, when pain takes over, when your heart can't do it anymore, never view it as giving up. Today I made the wise decision to stop, catch my breath and let my body heal.

Liar Liar

the ugly writers
I never want to be known as a liar.  Not at 10 or at 43. For sure not at 43.  Because I have learned my lesson. I never want to see that look of disappointment on anyone's face.

Every Day

the ugly writers
I want my kids to identify what they like to do, what they believe is fun and what brings them joy daily. And then I want them to do that. To go there. To experience it often. And always want more. 


the ugly writers
Life is in flux Constantly moving Changing The ebb and flow Whether I like it or not


the ugly writers
I am aware of every pain Of every pull Of every tug Breathing First I need to learn to breathe Then we will work on my feet


I choose to live each day to fullest, to seek out others who choose to do the same and share my faith. That is where my true inner strength is found. A confidence in what I hope for, yet can not see.

Shut It Down

the ugly writers
Shut down the sadness The loneliness The worry All of the rage The hurt and the fear There isn’t any need You shouldn’t want any of it

The Wake Up

the ugly writers
He smells the coffee she has made for him Every morning as long as he can remember Coffee brewed strong and black Never with cream or sugar Just the way he likes it

Not Really Sure

the ugly writers
Every part of my body is paying the price for whatever happened, all while I thought I was sleeping. Sleep now doesn’t seem to be a precious commodity when it comes time to face it tonight.


the ugly writers
He doesn’t know what he is saying. Doesn’t he see the pain? Can he not see the wound? Pressure has been applied.

Ordinary Day

the ugly writers
How do people walk away from a house? At what time is a house deemed so beyond repair that leaving it and some of its contents seemed feasible?

7 Days Post-Op

the ugly writers
The stitches and medical glue used to seal incisions.  The swelling. The black and blue bruising surrounding my entire abdomen. It was too much for her. She said it all looked so painful.