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Kelli J Gavin

Kelli J Gavin of Carver, Minnesota is a Writer, Editor, Blogger and Professional Organizer. Her work can be found with Clarendon House Publishing, Sweetycat Press, The Ugly Writers, Sweatpants & Coffee, ZPP, Setu, 300 South Media Group, Otherwise Engaged, Flora Fiction, and Southwest Media among others. Kelli’s first two books were released in 2019 (“I Regret Nothing- A Collection of Poetry and Prose” and “My Name is Zach- A Teenage Perspective on Autism”). She has co-authored over 25 anthologies. She is also working on a collection of fiction short stories.

The Painting of Margaret

the ugly writers
On precious occasions, Margaret will share with me stories of her childhood, her teen years and stories from as recent as 40 years ago. She is a walking, talking history lesson. All of her stories have a purpose.

Walk Away-Coffee Shop Blues

the ugly writers
I didn't feel the need to justify my beliefs but I did feel the need to let him how inappropriate his verbal attack was. I reminded him Lily was watching. He didn't care. He kept insulting me. 

Cocaine in the Soda

the ugly writers
I don't want to miss out anymore. I don't want to have a perfect house and life that looks like I have my act together when I am not able to enjoy life as it passes me by.

Above It All

the ugly writers
The rest doesn’t matter It is just background noise I may have placed you there To protect you


the ugly writers
Remember that is The words we shared The words unspoken The tears shed I do, do you?

More Each Day

the ugly writers
I need you next to me To feel the warmth I want to touch you I want to hold you again


the ugly writers
I burn up rather quickly My throat tightens My hands wring My eyes wince from the smoke I wipe the soot from my skin My feet tread carefully



When you brace for the impact You don’t experience the whole effect Your muscles tighten and eyes squint Hands balled into fists Feet press down on invisible brakes You hurt yourself more than anything Maybe you should embrace the impact…



Never Underestimate

Never underestimate the power of good morning texts, apologies, and random compliments.  Because they will always matter and mean more than you can imagine.

Trying To Heal

trying to heal
It is all about working through those hurts and finding a way to process them while letting them hurt a bit less every day. There is no time table.