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Maryam H. Viqar

A seeker, dreamer, scribbler, reader, writing poetry as musings of a restless mind....and yes 'the sight of the stars makes me dream' too....

Journey into the Unknown

By the intricate curves of a milky way Thy tiny spirit shoots up Rises above the insignificant Entity that it has been And enters a stranger world Of miracles to Seek and become whole.

Before Dawn

Before Dawn
The moon hung mysteriously Behind the mists before dawn Drawing to its silent majesty My loyal gaze.

To Him Who Can’t Be Named

To him who can't be named By the deepening lines on his forehead When he looks intensely at something new I interpret my dreams By the arches of his eyebrows


call me home
My heart beats faster with a dull thumping sound Though it loves no more Nor does it cherish hope Life seems like a sad, sad dream