Vanessa M. Enfectana

Vanessa M. Enfectana

Totally Different

the ugly writers
You were the most beautiful star in my constellation. You were the dream, I never I wanna leave.


And here I am baby, In the exact sea, where the ship named “relationship” started.

When the battle is over

when the battle is over
Throughout our lives, we struggled so many battles together.  Were fighting against all odds, believing that there's nothing we can't go through  as long as we're together.

Never Enough

never enough
Lady, you are more than a perfectly-drawn eyebrow. You are more than the price of that clothing. Your worth surpasses any scale of the world


“Stalk? Na naman? Tapos ano? Iiyak ka ..kasi nasaktan ka sa mga nakita mo? Tanga lang teh?Oh! Wag kang ano dyan! Dedeny mo pa e,obvious naman. Asa ka ng asa e! Gigil mo si aqoe” Am I the only one…



Where am I? Is this what they call “the end” or am I in the beginning? Baby, can you tell me where exact part did you left me? Cause I am so lost. I don’t know whether to wait, step…

But she’s worth it.

she's worth it
It is not always about the physical aspect, beauty of the outside will fade but the beauty of the heart will always remain. You don't need to pass the standards of this judgmental society nor to be like them. You don't need to change who you are to fit in this world.

Friendzoned (A letter for my lost best friend)

Its already 3 in the morning and I'm still stuck with the memory of you. Regretting sending you that message. And even if I kept on reminiscing the past, it still brings me to the reality that there are things we couldn't change and words we couldn't take back.


Ang dayuhan ay lubhang namangha sa dalaga. Pagkat taglay nito ang ganda ng isang diwata. Kaya naman dali dali syang nag-alay at sumamba sa kanya. Pinuno nya ito ng malamusikang salita sa gabi’t umaga.

“I love (you) myself”

Baby, I no longer need your “I love you’s” cause I realized that there’s no such love better than a love you can give to yourself. So to those people who are still imprisoning themselves with their past..